Andi Whiskey has been in the marketing game since she got her first business license at 16 years old. Back then, she was doing web and graphic design and copywriting for businesses.

She continued freelance marketing through college and then turned that into a small agency for 8 years. Then she suddenly found herself also running an ecommerce business, which consequently took over her life for 7 years. That business also led to the opening of a luxury barbershop in 2017.

And we can’t forget the wedding and portraits photography business she started in LA in 2010 and the private event bartending business she ran in Hollywood and North Carolina for a couple of years. She also ran a skateboard magazine in San Diego for a bit.

For 3 years, she ran a luxury barbershop in Nashville, then in 2020, she decided the barber industry was no longer for her, and moved on to run a media company in Denver, Whiskey Media. The media company grew into a full blown digital marketing agency, Twist & Tailor.

Suffice it to say, she knows her way around business.


Then in 2021, she stepped on stage for the first time to do stand up comedy.

It was unexpected and never something she aspired to do, but it was a much needed way to relieve tension. And it felt natural. In no time, she was booking gigs both around Denver and across the country.

In her first 6 months, she performed in shows all over Denver and even California. Soon after, she found herself touring for shows in Tennessee, Kansas, and Missouri. She's even had the honor of performing on the stage at Zanies in Nashville.

Comedy may not have been a dream of Andi's originally, but it's become a passion of hers now and she's looking forward to where it's headed. 


Andi Whiskey Comedian | Divorced for Cheese | Bad Dates
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